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Visit the Hadramout region

With direct flights from Cairo to Seiyun, it’s never been easier to travel to Hadramout, Yemen.

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Historical Yemen has been at the center of trade and exchange on the Arabian peninsula for millennia. The country is a diverse & stunning land with thousands of years of human history steeped traditions. 

Today however, Yemen is fractured with vast swathes of the country unsafe for visitors.

Along with our regular Socotra Island tours, we now offers tours to the Hadramout region – Yemen’s only remaining safe province.

You’ll be in the safe hands of our local guides and fixers who always ensure the utmost of safety standards across all of our Yemen tours.


Cairo - Seiyun - Hawta - Tarim – Shibam - Wadi Doa'n – Al-Khuraiba – Haid Al-Jizil - Seiyun - Cairo


See our sample Yemen tour itinerary below. Flights depart from Cairo every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday.


We have one group mainland Yemen Tour from November 30 - December 5th, 2023


We will apply for your Yemen visa and send you a copy before tour. This is included in the tour price.