How to take a tour in North Korea

There are plenty of known reasons why you should not tour North Korea, but let’s look at the main reasons why you should travel to the hermit kingdom.

People often forget that North Korea is a living breathing, functioning country of 23 million citizens. They go about their life in much the same way as us. They go to work, fall in love and care for their families just like any human being. The country is worth visiting for these people and these people alone. A tour in North Korea isn’t a vote for the regime, it’s a show of support for human interaction, cultural learning and engagement.

North Korean children
Pyongyang's pastal skyline seen from the Juche tower

Seeing is Believing

It’s a common saying in North Korea but it holds some truth.

The North Koreans want you to visit and see the country for yourself, beyond the headlines. It’s more than just goose stepping soldiers, funny haircuts and nuclear missiles. Yes you are restricted to what you can actually see, but not as restricted as you think. 

It’s possible to drive through many different towns and cities all over the country. There’s no better way of getting a good insight into the DRPK than through the car window.

There are even places where you are completely let off the leash – visit beaches, parks and leisure centres and you will have free reign to explore these areas without being accompanied by a guide at all times. 

Kaesong street, North Korea
Swimming at Nampo Beach, North Korea

So how do you tour North Korea?

With Rocky Road Travel, that’s the easy part! Take a look at our group North Korea Tours. If these dates don’t work for you then we can organise your trip on your terms. 

All you need to do is send us a copy of your passport, fill out a form and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that simple.