What are the main stadiums in North Korea?

North Korea is famous for doing things big so it comes as no surprise that it’s home to the largest stadium in the world. We can’t talk about stadiums in North Korea without mentioning the Rungrado May Day stadium, but let’s also take a look at some of the other sporting facilities the country possess. 

Football Stadiums

Kicking off with football stadiums – at 114,000 seats, North Korea’s national stadium, the Rungrado May day stadium is the largest in the world.

It was constructed as the main arena for the 1989 World Festival of Youth and Students. Today the stadium is mainly used as the staging theatre for the North Korean Mass Games

The second largest venue and home of the DPRK national team, is Kim Il Sung Stadium. The ground is home to a couple of local Pyongyang sides and also hosts the annual Pyongyang marathon. The stadium was originally constructed in 1926 as Girimri stadium before being re-modeled and renamed after the North Korean president Kim Il Sung.

Another major Pyongyang stadium is the Yanggakdo football stadium. The ground is currently undergoing a full refurbishment project after having never received a face lift since its construction in 1989. It’s also home to North Korea’s most successful football club – April 25.

football inside the rungrado may day stadium north korea
Rungrado May Day stadium
stadiums in north korea
Pyongyang Ice Rink

Indoor stadiums in North Korea

The Pyongyang Indoor Stadium at a capacity of 20,000 is the largest multi purpose stadium in North Korea. Originally built in 1973, it’s a common venue for mass dancing and it’s also the place where Denis Rodman played basketball in Pyongyang.

The most modern venue in North Korea is the 2003 built Pyongyang Arena. It was build with the aid of the South Korean Hyundai group during the Sunshine Policy between the two Koreas in the early 2000s. These days it’s used for basketball and indoor concerts.

Perhaps North Korea’s most beautiful stadium is the Pyongyang Ice Rink. Shaped like a skaters hat and looking very similar to the Brasilia Cathedral in Brasil, it is one of the city’s most distinctive landmarks. With over 6,000 seats, it’s the largest venue for ice hockey and figure skating in North Korea.

Prize giving at the Pyongyang Marathon Tour, North Korea
Kim Il Sung displayed by 20,000 North Koreans during the Mass Games
Mass Games at Rungrado Mayday Stadium
Exterior of rungrado may day stadium, Pyongyang
Mayday Stadium Exterior

Stadiums Outside Pyongyang

Other facilities outside the capital worth a mention are;

  • Sariwon Youth Stadium (35,000)
  • Kaesong Stadium (35,000)
  • Nampo Stadium (30,000)
  • Hamhung Stadium (20,000)

Travel to North Korea

Join one of tours to North Korea and experience a North Korean stadium for yourself. Travel an date from July to October and take in the Mass Games at the Rungrado May Day Stadium. Or if you’re lucky to be in the country during a world cup qualifier then we will be sure to head to Kim Il Sung Stadium to cheer on the national team!

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