Visit the DMZ in Korea

Have you ever wanted to visit the DMZ in Korea? Now you can from the northern side with Rocky Road Travel. We provide tours to North Korea which take a day trip south to the DMZ. It’s an eye opening experience that will live long in the memory. Learn all there is to learn about the division of Korea on this tour.

Joint Security Area

Visiting the DMZ starts with an early departure from Pyongyang. Drive 3.5 hours to Kaesong and on to Panmunjom and the Joint Security Area (JSA). Learn how the Korean war ended and visit the blue huts that straddle the Korean border. Your military guide will keep you safe and inform you consistently throughout. After visiting the DMZ your day tour takes you to Kaesong city and its UNESCO protected sites. Kaesong was once the capital city of all Korea and is the best preserved old town in North Korea.

Visiting the DMZ in Korea you will encounter beautiful towns and villages on the way from Pyongyang to the DMZ. Experience sights that few foreigners get to see. Plan your trip to North Korea today with Rocky Road’s North Korea Tours. You can see the DMZ on any tour, any time of the year! Contact us today for more information on +4915114575768.