Visit Pyongyang North Korea

Now is the time to fulfil you travel dream and visit Pyongyang North Korea. Despite what you may hear or see, North Korea is a warm and welcoming place for foreign tourists. About 5,000 western travellers make the trip every year from Beijing to Pyongyang.

Why should you visit Pyongyang North Korea?

It also much easier to get there thank you might think. There are daily trains and flights from Beijing, China. The visa application process is also quite straightforward. Once you register for one of our North Korea tours, then we will apply for the North Korea visa on your behalf with our partners in Pyongyang.

Pyongyang is famous for its many tourist sights. The main attractions are the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, Kim Il Sung Square, Mansudae Grand Monument, the Juche Tower and the Party Foundation Monument to name a few. You can also use Pyongyang as your base to explore the country. Take a day tour to Nampo, Wonsan and Kaesong. If you’re feeling very adventurous then take an Air Koryo flight to the famed Mount Paektu.

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