Visit Iraq

Iraq should be on everyone’s upcoming travel radar. The country is steeped in ancient history from Babylon to Mesopotamia this land has seen it all. Here’s why you should visit Iraq.

Northern Iraqi Kurdistan has much to offer and is relatively easy to visit. A visa is not even required for most western countries and Erbil is well connected with flights from all over the Middle east. It boasts stunning mountain ranges and incredible culture from the Yazidi shrine at Lalish all the way East to Sulaymaniyah and the Iranian border.

Southern Iraq is a little more complicated but still straightforward if you are travelling in a group. Rocky Road Travel offers several tours to Iraq every year and we organise everything fo you including the Iraq visa invitation letter. What does southern Iraq have to offer? The capital city of Iraq has recovered extremely well from recent wars. The Iraq museum showcases some of the best ancient Mesopotamian artefacts in the world. Baghdad’s bustling markets and souks are something else to behold.

Outside of Baghdad, travel to the holy cities of Karbala and Najaf or northwards to Samara and the iconic minaret. Further south you will encounter the spectacular Mesopotamian marshlands. Take a boat trip and experience the local life with a family there. Let’s not forget about Babylon, this ancient world is preserved for all to see. We’ll even take in an abandoned Saddam Hussein palace that overlooks Babylon. Start planning your Iraqi adventure today before this amazing place gets overrun with tourism. If you travel now you will likely have these stunning sights to yourself. Check out our full list of Iraq tours or call us now on +4915114575768 to request further information.