Visit Iraq

Travel to the cradle of civilisation this year. Iraq has long been off the tourist trail due to all sorts of reasons. Now is the time to put your preconceptions aside and visit Iraq with Rocky Road Travel. It’s a country that should be high on the list of any budding traveler, for a multitude of reasons. In northern Iraqi Kurdistan you’ll find incredible mountains and scenic drives. Head south and it’s deserts and marshlands. It could not be more diverse.

Travel to Iraqi Kurdistan

Kurdistan has long been a bubble in an otherwise volatile region. It is an autonomous region with its own army and immigration policy. This means that it’s visa free on arrival for most nationalities. Fly into Erbil and discover the ancient citadel and old town. Hit the road and take in the Yazidi shrine at Lalish and the museums of Sulaymaniyah and Halabjah.

Highlights of southern Iraq include the holy cities of Karbala and Najaf, the ancient city of Babylon and the Marshlands of Mesopotamia. There’s plenty more worth visiting from the Great Mosque of Samara to ancient Ur and beyond. Visiting Iraq has never been easier with Rocky Road Travel showing you the way. Contact us, sign up for one of our Iraq tours and let us take care of the rest. We’ll apply for an Iraqi visa invitation letter on your behalf so you can easily collect your visa at your nearest embassy. Visit Iraq with us! Email for more info today.