Applying For A Visa for Syria

Since 2018 all travelers to Syria are required to travel with a licensed tour operator in order to obtain the visa for Syria. 

However it’s not the visa the tour operator applies for. It’s a security clearance (background check).

It can take up to two weeks to issue the security clearance. We will let you know onec it’s approved and you are then free to travel. Once you arrive at the border then you pay for the visa. Here’s the visa costs;

Australia and New Zealand: $130
United Kingdom: $140
EU Passports: $72

The visa has a 90 validity period from when you first get it. It’s not a physical visa sticker but rather just a stamp in the passport.

visa for syria stamp
Syrian & Lebanese stamps

Can I apply at a Syrian Embassy?

Yes but it’s a lengthy process. You will need to submit paperwork outlining your intentions of travelling to Syria and produce an invitation letter. They then send this info off to Syria to apply for the security clearance. The whole thing takes up to two months. It’s much easier to let a travel agent like Rocky Road Travel handle the process.

What We Need From You

To apply for the Syrian visa, all we need is a scan of your passport page, your address and a proof of employment – this can even be your business card.

Unfortunately Israeli passport holders or anyone with evidence of travel to Israel are not permitted to enter Syria. This includes entry or exit stamps from Jordan or Egypt from land crossings to Israel.

For more info on travelling to Syria, contact us and checkout our Syria tours page.