Turkmenistan Travel

Ever wondered what it’s like to travel to Central Asia’s, if not the world’s, most closed-off country?

It is worth the time-consuming and unreliable visa process? What does Turkmenistan travel even offer the eager traveller?

Turkmenistan is like no other country on earth. Tours to Turkmenistan – the only way of seeing the Hermit Nation, are worth the effort, though. You can expect to camp next to alien, wide, open deserts with flaming craters burning inside. Pristine showroom capitals, more opulent and severe than even that of North Korea. Unique culture, warm people, and fascinating history. Welcome to Turkmenistan. 

Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan Sights

Otherwise known as the Door to Hell, the crater has been blazing since a drilling procedure around a deposit of natural gas went wrong in the 1970s. Truly a unique site, we’ll arrange a night camping in the warmth of the crater, underneath the kaleidoscopic night sky – one of the brightest in the world thanks to its distance from the nearest source of light pollution. 

Turkmenistan travel is more than just the Door to Hell. You’ll journey down ancient Silk Route sites, as well as the imposing capital city of Ashgabat, otherwise known as the “Dictator’s Disneyland”.

Outside of the capital, ancient sites like Merv and Kow Ata will fascinate the historian in everyone. Coastal abandoned cities like Avaza are an interesting reminder of modern town planning gone wrong. The town was designed as a tourist hotspot, but the country’s worsening visa system continues to put off most tourists. You’ll be one of the only visitors to see it in its full glory!

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