Turkmenistan Door To Hell Tour

Take a trip unlike any other with the incredible Turkmenistan Grand Tour, available with Rocky Road Travel. Turkmenistan is a land untouched by the majority of civilization, dominated by incredible natural wonders; such as sweeping natural canyons, underground thermal springs and the fascinating door to hell.

Our Turkmenistan Door to Hell tour will take you up close and personal to this incredible natural wonder. The Door to Hell is not only aesthetically incredible, but it has been burning non-stop for the last 45 years. It is a flaming crater that emanates power and grace alike, a perfect representation of Turkmenistan as a whole.

We’ll do more than just viewing the door to hell, camping out next to the infamous gas crater, basking in the heat overnight, this is what makes our Turkmenistan Door to Hell tour more incredible than any other trip around Turkmenistan. We’ll explore the Yangykala Canyon, Ashgabat and the ‘Dictators Disneyland’ and even ride the sleeper train from Ashgabat to Turkmenbashi!

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