Trips To Turkmenistan

It’s time to start thinking about travelling to Turkmenistan. This Central Asian jewel is waiting to be uncovered. Our trips to Turkmenistan take you all over this unknown country. Travel during the new year celebrations of Nowruz every March or during the national day festivities in October. It’s also possible to arrange a private tour for any dates you wish.

Turkmenistan Travel

Start in the capital of Ashgabat. This white marble metropolis is like nowhere else on earth. Commonly known as the “Dictator’s Disneyland” there are plenty of outlandish monuments and sights to keep you occupied. Perhaps the most famous landmark in Turkmenistan has to be the Door To Hell. Also known as the Darvaza gas crator, it has burned constantly for close to 50 years. You can hike and camp in this area also which makes for some spectacular night time photography.

After visiting Darvaza make your way over to the west coast and the town of Turkmenbashi & Avaza. These lesser visited places offer much to the curious visitor and truly leave a lasting impression. If your interests lie in ancient Silk Road history then check out the town of Merv/Mary a short flight from Ashgabat. There’s never been a better time to travel to Turkmenistan. Put it on your travel list and make it a reality before it’s too late. Check out our full list of Turkmenistan tours and choose for yourself. Contact us on +4915114575768 with any questions!