Trips to Syria

Safe again Syria is open and welcoming visitors again. Get way off the beaten path with our trips to Syria this year. Using the Lebanese city of Beirut as your gateway, we’ll pick you up and drive you across the border to Syria to start your tour. Discover the hidden gems of Damascus in all its ancient glory. This is one of the most important cities in human history, check out Old Damascus and wander through its alleyways, souks and mosques. There’s more to Syria than Damascus however, our trips travel north to incredible places like Krak Des Chevaliers, Maaloula and Homs.

What does a trip to Syria entail?

We will travel east to the ancient city of Palmyra, partly destroyed by ISIS in 2014, the site is now under protection and is slowly recovering. We will also visit Aleppo – Syria’s second largest city. Another site under reconstruction after being wholly destroyed in the recent civil war. It is now possible to travel safely around much of this incredible country. Our guides are experts on the ground in terms of safety and understanding of the situation. They will never put you in harms way and always have the last say on any itinerary changes.

We will also support your visa application. All we need prior to the tour is a copy of your passport, we then apply for a security clearance on your behalf which then allows you to collect your visa at the border. Our guide will be on hand at all times to help you with this.

Travel to Syria with Rocky Road Travel! The country is full of hidden treasures and is ready to welcome you back with open arms. Contact for more information today.