Travelling in North Korea

This is a country like no other. Travelling in North Korea is not quite the same as in France or Germany. The main requirement here is an open mind. It takes a very inquisitive traveller to consider a North Korea trip. Every tourist must be accompanied by two two local North Korean guides at all times. They cannot leave the hotel alone and must stick to the agreed itinerary. Doesn’t sound appealing right? Think deeper.

Organised Fun

It might highly restrictive to be led around all day but actually, it can be seen as the perfect holiday. Imagine a trip where you are brought to incredible places all day long, fully fed and informed and accompanied by two friendly locals with a bunch of like minded travellers. They tell you when to get up, where to eat and where to go. No more stress reading the lonely planet and researching where to go online. There is no internet, everyone speaks to each other without phones at the table!

Where can I travel to?

North Korea is more open for travellers than ever before. It’s still a highly closed society but in the last 10 years more and more towns and places have become open to foreigners. Large cities like Hamhung, Sinuiju and Sariwon were very recently closed off. It’s not just Pyongyang when you visit North Korea. Travel to North Korea with Rocky Road Travel. Contact us on +4915114575768 to book your tour now.