Travel to Socotra Island

Join Rocky Road Travel as we travel to Socotra Island. With several annual tours per year, the unique Yemeni island is best visited from November to March when the weather and sea are calmer. Luckily, long gone are the days of having to wait for a boat to take you there from the mainland — today you can fly there easily from Cairo or Abu Dhabi. 

Once on Socotra island, the fun starts. The island has it all for nature lovers; incredible white sandy beaches, bizarre rock formations and deserted lagoons. There is world-class hiking around the Diksam Plateau, home to the island’s native Dragon’s Blood Tree. Share tea with locals, stay in bedouin houses and camp on the beach. You’ll never see a clearer night sky anywhere else in the world.

Is Socotra Safe?

Socotra Island is very safe. Completely separated from the Yemen mainland, the archipelago is untouched by the civil war currently raging. Local Socotri people are warm, welcoming and open to foreigners. Travel to Socotra Island with Rocky Road Travel and make this a truly unforgettable holiday in paradise. Contact us on +8615114575768 or for more information on Socotra.