Travel to Eritrea

There’s no place quite like Eritrea. This jewel of the Horn of Africa is just waiting to be discovered. Travel to Eritrea this year with Rocky Road Travel. We have both budget and standard tours to Eritrea available all year round.

What is there to see and do in Eritrea? The capital city of Asmara is a UNESCO world heritage site with world class architecture around every corner. This is the center of Italian colonial power in East Africa. Once known as ‘La Piccola Roma” the city serves up some of the best cappuccino’s outside of Italy itself. Outside of the capital, take a trip to coastal Massawa, this old Ottoman port was once the the main port of Ethiopia and makes for great exploring around its old town. Take a boat out to the Dahlak Islands from here and do some world class scuba diving in the Red Sea.

Back towards Asmara, visit the second city of Keren and its lively camel market. Very few foreigners get to visit Eritrea let alone the city of Keren. The locals are warm and welcoming to outside visitors.

Don’t forget to take one of the very few steam trains left in Africa. The Eritrea steam train is a 100 year old Italian locomotive that is still in use today. We charter this train on our Eritrea tours and go for a joy ride through the mountains. There is plenty to see and do in this revolutionary land. Travel to Eritrea with Rocky Road Travel. Contact us today by filling in a contact form or email direct on We will see you in Asmara, Eritrea!