Travel to Afghanistan

It’s time to travel to Afghanistan! Safe travel is possible if you stick to the secure cities and regions with our expert local guides. We organize tours to Kabul, Herat, Mazar-i Sharif, Kandahar, Bamyan and all surrounding areas of these cities.

Travel to Bamyan to see the incredible giant buddha statues which were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001. The area is also famed for the stunning Band-e Amir National Park and it’s picture perfect blue lakes. The lakes rise out of the desert like a mirage.

See Herat city and its famous Blue Mosque, visit the tile and glass factory of the Silk Road City. In the capital city of Kabul, take in the bustling bird market, parks and mosques in this huge metropolis.

The country has had a much troubled recent history but throughout all the conflict a tourist industry remained intact. It remains a relatively safe place to visit to this day.

Travel to Afghanistan with Rocky Road Travel today! Our local guides have over 10 years experience in the Afghan security consultation industry. They are experts in reading the security situation on the ground at any given time. Contact us on [email protected] and let’s start organizing your dream adventure to Afghanistan today. Check out our Afghanistan tours page for more info!

Travel to Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been mired in war for over 40 years. From the Soviet wars of the 1980s to the US Taliban conflict, the country has long been off the tourist trail. If you do decide to go, how exactly do you travel to Afghanistan?

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Regular Flights

Afghanistan has two international airports; Kabul & Mazar e Sharif.

Hamid Karzai International Airport (airport code KBL) is the gateway to Afghanistan. It’s most frequent regional routes are;

  • Dubai (FlyDubai, Ariana Afghan Airlines, Emirates)
  • Sharjah (AirArabia)
  • Islamabad (PIA)
  • Delhi (Air India, Spicejet)
  • Tehran (Kam Air, Ariana))
  • Istanbul (Turkish & Ariana)

Mazar-e-Sharif airport (MZR) only has a couple of routes, the most reliable one is to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines.

Let us know where you want to fly from and we’ll let you know the easiest way.

Tour of Afghanistan

The Khyber Pass

The legendary pass that connects Pakistan with Afghanistan has been an important trade route for centuries. It became well known to foreign tourists during the hippie trail years of the 1960s. It is considered unsafe due to banditry and tribal warfare in the region. It’s one of two border crossings between Pakistan and Afghanistan (the other being the Bolan pass). Over the years it has frequently been closed to foreigners. We do not recommend you to consider this route due to the dangers associated with it. It’s better just to fly.

If you’re coming from Iran there is a daily bus from Mashhad to Herat is western Afghanistan.

Contact us and travel to Afghanistan with Rocky Road Travel!

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