North Korean Independent Travel? Really?!

The short answer: Yes and no.

Not very helpful so you’ll have to read the long answer!

The long answer: North Korea famously does not allow completely independent travel without a guide. It’s frustratingly unique in the world of travel in this sense. The vast majority of foreigners that travel to North Korea do so under the supervision from two guides. The itinerary has to be approved in advance and the guests cannot leave the hotel unaccompanied. 

Did you know that you can travel to North Korea by yourself independently of a tour group? It’s possible to do a North Korean independent tour for one person.

Easy to Organize

You can organize your very own itinerary just for yourself…and two guides of course. All you have to do is choose what dates you want to travel. Choose what standard accommodation you want and finally choose if you want to take the train or fly to North Korea. Then get in touch with us and we look after the rest. You can do this for one person or one hundred! The advantage? More flexibility, more choice to see what you want to see. North Korea on your terms in your own time. This is about as close as your going to get to full North Korean independent travel.

So yes, it’s possible to travel independently in North Korea…kind of. Just as long as you do so with two local guides.

Check out our North Korean independent travel page here to start planning your own private adventure! Click here if you would still prefer a group tour!

Performance in North Korea
Walking the streets of Pyongyang