Tours to Turkmenistan

Travel to Turkmenistan with Rocky Road Travel. This hard to reach destination is made easy with us. Our fantastic tours to Turkmenistan take you on a wild adventure all over this intriguing land. We offer both group and independent travel for any time of the year.

Visit Turkmenistan

There’s plenty to see and do in Turkmenistan. Visit the marble capital city of Ashgabat then travel to the ancient silk road town of Merv. Venture to the west Caspian coast and the major city of Turkmenbashi. The jewel in the crown of Turkmenistan tourism must be the Door to Hell. This unnatural phenomenon was created in the 1970s when a drilling experiment went wrong. The gas crater is still burning to this day and we spend the night camping here on our tours to Turkmenistan. What are you waiting for? Make Turkmenistan part of your travel plans for next year. We have tours in the spring and autumn which cover the must see sights. Contact us today for more info on travelling to this ancient land of mystery.