Tours to South Sudan

Rocky Road travel is proud to announce tours to South Sudan. As the world’s newest country, South Sudan is waiting for your arrival. Is offers an incredible amount of untouched cultural beauty. Travellers have only just discovered is magnificence so now is the time to travel to South Sudan.

Amazing cultural experiences

Most travellers visit the city of Juba but the real beauty of South Sudan lies outside its capital city. On our South Sudan Tours we take you all over this new state. We camp with the Mundari cattle tribes and spend two days with them. Learn how they live completely in the wild and care for their animals. We’ll also spend time with the Dinka tribe known as the tallest people in the world. These are only experiences you can have in South Sudan. The country knows nothing of mass tourism so everywhere you go you will be treated with great curiosity and friendliness. It’s also very safe as our local guide has the trust of all tribes we visit and knows exactly what the situation is on the ground at all times.

Start planning your tour to South Sudan with Rocky Road Travel today! Contact us on or phone +4915114575768 any time for more info. See you soon!