Tours to Somaliland

Think technicolour shopfronts, unique culture, fascinating culture and smiling, warm people. A Somaliland tour will take you through a place many have never heard of, and those that have, have misunderstood. Rocky Road Travel’s tours to Somaliland will show you so much of what is special and unique about Somalia’s breakaway northern region of Somaliland.

Somaliland fisherman in Berbera
Somali fisherman displays his catch

Independence Day Tour

A highlight of Somaliland Travel, the nation celebrates it’s Independence Day each May with a huge military parade through the capital city, Hargeisa. As the only foreigners in town, we’re always warmly welcomed to join in the parade and street parties – an unforgettable experience. 

We also see plenty of other things on a Somaliland Tour. The Lass Geel ancient cave paintings are some of the best preserved, not to mention oldest, in the world. Somaliland’s port city of Berbera also has lots to offer, from amazing seafood to colourful, handpainted buildings that contrast beautifully with the sandy surroundings. 

Unlike some of our other destinations , visiting Somaliland is relatively easy. We can arrange for you to receive your visa on arrival so you don’t have to send your passport to a consulate overseas. Flights are plentiful too from Dubai or Addis Ababa into Hargeisa. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even drive overland from Ethiopia – just ask us how!

If you don’t fancy a group tour we can also organise a private Somaliland tour for you, just pick your dates and we’ll send you over some sample itineraries. Get in touch today to start planning your Somaliland tour.