Tours to Somalia

Have you ever wanted to get way off the beaten track and travel to the untouched Horn of Africa? Now’s your chance with Rocky Road Travel’s tours to Somalia. We offer trips to both the capital city of Mogadishu, the Eastern province of Puntland and the self declared independent region of Somaliland. The country is like three in one, each more different than the other.

Travel to Somalia

Somalia has long been seen as a non-started with it comes to travelling there. The country suffered a brutal civil war in the early 1990s but things have changed now. Somaliland has it’s own army and secure borders. It has not seen civil strife in 20 years. It offers an array of tourist sites from the ancient cave art of Laas Geel to the port town of Massawa. A perfect time to visit is on May 25th – Its independence day when it holds an annual military parade. We’re there to see it.

Safe again Mogadishu is also welcoming tourists back. You can get a great glimpse in Somali life in the capital on our 3 day tour of Mogadishu, we’ll take you from Liido beach to the fish market to the main park to mingle with locals eager to rebuilt the city and its reputation. It’s not easy but Somalis are a resilient bunch. There’s never been a better time in the last 30 years to visit Somalia. Do it with Rocky Road Travel. Contact us on +4915114575768 and we will send you more information.