Tours to Iraq

Have you dreamed of visiting Iraq for years? The country has recently become safe again for travellers. After years of war, Iraq is slowly welcoming tourists once again. There is a huge amount to see and do both in the North and South. Rocky Road Travel will take you there safely and back on one of our scheduled tours to Iraq. We also design custom made tours if you prefer to go where you want and when you want.

Southern Iraq Travel

What is there to see in southern Iraq? Travel to the bustling metropolis and ancient city of Baghdad, wander around its mosque’s and souqs. Take in the holy cities or Karbala and Najaf, not far south of the capital. Don’t forget that this is also the cradle of civilisation, home to Mesopotamia and Babylon. There are an incredible amount of ancient archeological sites waiting to be explored.

If you have time, travel north to Iraqi Kurdistan. This autonomous region boasts its own visa system, army and immigration system. It has been a safe bubble in an otherwise volatile region for many years now. Highlights of Kurdistan include Lalish, the home of the Yazidi religion, and Erbil – the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. The people of Iraq are warm, welcoming and ready to receive tourists again. For further reading on Iraqi travel, check out our Is Iraq safe to Travel guide and see a full list of our tours to Iraq. Contact us for more info on travelling to this ancient land today via