Tours to Damascus

If you are on the lookout for tours to Syria then you must start in the gateway city of Damascus. All roads from Jordan and Lebanon lead directly to the Syrian capital city. Our tours to Damascus will take you directly to the heart of Syria.

Tours start and finish in the Lebanese capital of Beirut. Our local guide will collect you and guide you safely across the border. On arrival in Damascus, the tour really begins. Tour the magnificent Old town, one of the oldest continually inhabited areas in the world. Drink tea and dine at some of the finest quality eateries in the world as you learn about Syria’s troubled past. Travel there and back in as little as one day – of course we would advise that you spend longer in the incredibly beautiful country.

Start planning your trip to Damascus today. Chose any day of the week to travel. Rocky Road Travel, as one of the best Syria travel companies offer group tours as well as private tours to Syria. Reach out to us by filling in our contact form or calling +4915114575768.