Tours to Chechnya

Travel to the Chechen Republic with Rocky Road Travel. Our tours to Chechnya cover the must-see and do sights of this once-troubled land. In the mid to late 1990s, Chechnya was completely destroyed by two civil wars fought over independence in the region. Today, it is a beacon of light for resurgence and rebuilding in the Caucasus.

So what is there to see and do in Chechnya? Visit the capital city of Grozny and see this rebuild with your own eyes. The incredible mosques dominate the city skyline here. Learn about the history of Chechnya in one of the many museums and galleries. Outside of Grozny the Republic is awash with amazing rolling hills and mountains. The Southern Caucasus are genuinely a nature lovers’ paradise. The food is delicious and the locals warm and welcoming.

Visit Chechnya with Rocky Road Travel and see for yourself. There’s much more to Chechnya than its recent history. Drop us an email at and let’s start your Chechen adventure today.