Touring North Korea

You have probably thought about travelling to the DPRK many times, but you’ve never got around to it for whatever reason. Rocky Road Travel is here to show you just how accessible and affordable it has become in recent years. So, what are tours to North Korea really like?

North Korea Tours are like nothing you could imagine if you’ve never been before. One usually pictures two stern government minders and strict photography rules, dreary people and terrible food. On the contrary! The country couldn’t be any more different. The local guides are incredibly welcoming, North Korean food is quite delicious, Pyongyang is open for photography, and the country is stunningly beautiful.

Rather than just being traipsed around Pyongyang, more and more towns and cities are open for tourists to visit. From Kaesong to Rason and Sinuiju there have never been more places to visit, and all of them have something unique to offer. Rocky Road Travel is one of the North Korea Tour Companies that organises tours to more places in North Korea than any other. We have local contacts from our years of drama-free tours, as well as personal friendships with local guides to make your tour a memorable one.

Visit North Korea at any time of the year. You can also organise your own bespoke itinerary depending on your interests. Hit the beaches at Wonsan, sacred Paektu Mountain or the Korean Demilitarized zone.

Contact Rocky Road Travel here and let’s start planning your adventure today!

Student March in North Korea.
Students on the move in Pyongyang, North Korea.