Socotra's Best Tourist Attractions

Socotra island is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Hikers could trek the entire island over the course of one week. It’s an untouched Mecca for wind surfers and fishing aficionados alike. But what about us average Joes? What are the best things to do on Socotra Island?

Arher Beach

Incredible Archer beach on Socotra island

Where incredible 300 meter high cliff faces meet the turquoise blue ocean. It’s also a beautiful camping spot. The dunes build and build over the summer. They’re fun to climb and even more fun to slide down.

Afterwards continue to the most easterly point of Socotra where the Indian Ocean meets the Arabian Sea!

Diksam Plateau

Dragon Blood Trees of Socotra

The Diksam Plateau is the best place to see Socotra’s iconic Dragon blood trees. The trees are endemic to the island and only grow above 800 meters altitude.

Pictured above is the Fermahin Forest, the highest concentration of dragon blood trees on Socotra. We have lunch one day under the tress at this site on our Socotra tours. You can also buy frankincense and dragon blood tree powder from the local kids.

Zahik Beach and Sand Dunes

Stunning dunes at Zahik beach on Socotra island

Socotra has a lot of sand dunes, especially on the southern side. This is due to off shore winds that carry the sand from the horn of Africa. The dunes at Zahik are some of the most spectacular and the beach isn’t bad either!

Wadi Difarhou Natural Pool

Incredible Wadi Difarhou, the best thing to do on Socotra Island

It takes about 1.5 hours to hike to this pool but it’s absolutely worth it. On the way you’ll pass hundreds of bottle trees and Dragon blood trees.

When you arrive at the pool, views up and down the coast are breathtaking. Stay here as long as you like – you’ll probably be the only one there!

Shouab beach & Dolphins

Shoab beach. One of the best things to do on Socotra Island

The most beautiful yet most isolated beach on Socotra. The only way of getting there is via fisherman’s boat early in the morning. You’ll likely have it by yourself and if you’re lucky see pods of dolphins offshore. Swim in the Crystal clear blue water then hike to the mountain behind the beach for stunning views. The beach is 5km long and is truly one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world.

This is just a few of the top things to do on Socotra Island. The island is the perfect place to spend a week. It’s perfectly safe and welcoming. There’s no better place to get off the beaten path and away from it all. Make Socotra your next travel destination with Rocky Road Travel.