Syria Tour Operator

Are you looking for a safe and reliable Syria tour operator? Look no further than Rocky Road Travel. We have been running tours to Syria for a few years now and have formed close bonds with local guides and fixers on the ground.

There are many places in Syria where we operate our tours. Start from the cities of Beirut or Amman and we will collect you and bring you safely across the border. The base of any Syrian tour is the capital city of Damascus. From here travel north to the imposing and historical Krak des Chevaliers. There’s plenty to see and do in the nearby city of Homs before continuing north to Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city. See the citidel and what is left of the mosque and market.

Head back south to Maaloula and Palmyra before finishing up your epic journey back in Damascus. Make sure to take in the grand mosque and Old Damascus centre. It makes for incredible photography.

Can you travel to Syria? You certainly can with Rocky Road Travel! Contact us on and let us know your plans.