Southern Iraq Tours

Is it safe? Can you travel there? Iraq is a tourist destination waiting to explode. We have been travelling there for the last 5 years and have designed the perfect itineraries. We arrange both Northern and Southern Iraq Tours for your convenience.

How do I get there?

Baghdad, Najaf and Basra serve as the gateway cities to Southern Iraq. Flights are available from the main hubs in the Middle East. Click here for more info on getting to Iraq. We will also support your Iraq visa application. When you sign up for a tour we will apply for your invitation letter so you can apply for the visa at your nearest embassy.

The south has many incredible tourist sites like Babylon, The Mesopotamian marshlands, The holy cities of Karbala & Najaf and the capital city of Baghdad. There is an abundance of cultural treats waiting to be discovered. The best part being that you will likely be the only foreign tourists in the country as the masses continue to stay away. We think making the trip is worth it however, read about it further in our Iraq safety blog.

The best time to visit Southern Iraq is from September to April. It gets very hot outside these months. Take USD cash with you as the ATM machines may not accept foreign cards. Our guide will take you to get it changed into Iraqi Dinars.

Take a look at our full schedule of Southern Iraq tours. Currently we travel there twice a year but will be increasing this so check back for more info soon! Contact us with any queries on travelling to Iraq.

Samarra, Iraq
Samarra Minaret, Iraq