South Sudan Visa on Arrival

How do you apply for a South Sudan visa? Believe it or not, it’s relatively straightforward, and we’re here to tell you precisely what you need to do.

Luckily, South Sudan now offers an e-visa service. This modern and user-friendly portal means that everyone can now get the visa approved before they arrive in South Sudan. The following documents are required (as of 2022):

  1. A visa invitation letter
  2. Copy of your passport page
  3. A passport photo
  4. Certificate of Yellow Fever vaccination
  5. Certificate of negative Covid PCR/vaccination

The cost is approximately  120 USD, depending on your nationality. This is also payable online.

If you book one of our South Sudan tours, we can supply you with an invitation letter from our partners so you can apply for the South Sudan visa online. We’ll take care of the whole process for you!

Contact us today for more info on travelling to South Sudan. We offer anything from 3-day to 23-day tours of the country, taking up to 10 different tribal visits. The newest country in the world is safe and open to foreign tourists; there’s nowhere else like it on earth. Email to book now.