South Sudan Tours

Travel To South Sudan

The world's youngest nation.

Independent since 2011, after years of war against the government of Sudan, our newest country is one of the most ethnically diverse in the world.

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Our South Sudan tours will showcase all that this country can offer.

We have several different options to choose from. Each one fully customizable according to your preferences. You could just visit the capital city of Juba but traveling in South Sudan is all about spending times with some of the many tribes. We organise visits to 10 of these tribes – each one semi-nomadic and unique in their own right. Camp with them, eat with them, immerse yourself and learn their way of life.

See below for our scheduled group tour, our standard 6 day itinerary or hit the button to discover all of our options from our 4 day trip all the way to our 24 day super South Sudan tour.

Where can i go?

Visit South Sudan to experience the incredible tribes. We offer unrivalled access to these 10 different nomadic tribes.

  • Mundari
  • Dinka
  • Acholi
  • Lokoya
  • Lotuko
  • Didinga
  • Boya
  • Toposa
  • Jiye
  • Murle

When is the best time to visit?

South Sudan has a tropical climate, characterized by a rainy season followed by a drier season. The temperature on average can range from 20 - 35C with March & April being the warmest months.


The rainy season falls between May/June and October.


The easiest way of getting the South Sudan visa is by applying for the e-visa online here


You will need a yellow fever vaccination cert as well as an invitation letter (we will provide you with this). The cost of the e-visa is approximately $100 depending on your nationality.

What should I bring?

Bring clothes for wet, hot and cool weather conditions. Comfortable footwear. Yellow fever cert. Insect repellant. Head lamp. Optional gifts for the tribal leaders. An open mind! South Sudan has close to zero tourism infrastructure and things can go differently than planned. Please be flexible - a sense of humor goes a long way here!