South Ossetia Tours

Rocky Road Travel have been offering South Ossetia tours for several years now. We were one of the first to gain special access to big events like the independence day celebrations and military parades.

Why should you visit the south Caucasus? The region is steeped in history and beauty. Both North and South Ossetia offer incredible scenery and old time traditions. Mary parts of South Ossetia are as if they are stuck in time. Not much has changed – home-stays are the norm here.

To visit South Ossetia you will need to apply for a visa through a registered tour partner. Rocky Road Travel are here to help – get in touch for a quote.

What is there to see and do? The capital city of Tskhinvali is the base for your stay. Travel from here to the mountains and small villages. See the recent scars from the 2008 Georgian war dotted all over Tskhinvali and learn about the troubled past.

The best time of year to visit South Ossetia? September for the Independence day celebrations! Check out our tour here and book your place now!