Somaliland Travel Agency

Are you thinking of travelling to the incredible nation of Somaliland? Then you have come to the right place.

As the world’s leading Somaliland travel agency, Rocky Road Travel specializes in facilitating tours to, and business in, this wonderful, misunderstood country nestled in the Horn of Africa. What is there to see and do in Somaliland? Let’s take a look at the most famous sights.

The ancient cave art at Laas Geel is perhaps the most famous tourist attraction in Somaliland. Reachable by road from Hargeisa, the sight is incredibly well-preserved and was only recently rediscovered. Visit Laas Geel on your way to the coastal city of Berbera. Somaliland’s most important economic hub, Berbera and its port connect the horn of Africa to vital trading routes in the Middle East.

Berbera is not just a port. Its colourful mix of crumbling architecture and picturesque beaches make for a memorable visit. Head back inland to the hilly area around Sheikh and its ancient sites before making your way to regional towns in the west of the country. The capital city of Hargeisa will be the focal point of any Somaliland tour however, and you will start and finish here. Take in the war memorial, camel market, main street markets, museums and colonial graveyards as well as the teahouses and local restaurants.

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