Somalia Travel Agency

If you are looking for an adventure in the far flung Horn of Africa, then look no further than Somalia. As a reputable and experienced Somalia travel agency, Rocky Road Travel are the experts in this region. We have been travelling to Somalia and Somaliland since 2016 when we first conducted extensive research.


Somaliland is a relative safe haven in the horn of Africa. A thriving democracy and independent in all but name, Somaliland is open and welcoming to tourists. Check out our extensive blog about how Somaliland is different from the rest of Somalia. There’s lots to see from the ancient cave art at Laas Geel to the coastal and colourful port town of Berbera. We can arrange everything on the ground for you with our expert local guides and fixers. Check out our Somaliland tours and contact us for further info.

Mogadishu Tours

We also offer tours to southern Somalia and the capital city of Mogadishu. Visit the picturesque Liido beach and chill with the locals. Our fixer / guide & security team will accompany you throughout your stay in Mogadishu. This tour makes for a perfect add-on to your Somaliland trip. Email us on and let’s start planning your getaway to Somalia today!