Socotra Yemen Travel

There is one tropical island off the Horn of Africa which lies untouched from mass tourism. The island of Socotra offers a huge amount of nature mixed with culture. As the experts in Socotra Yemen travel, let us take you on an adventure you won’t soon forget!

Socotra is famous for one iconic sight – the Dragons Blood trees. These trees are endemic to the island and are found everywhere in Socotra. For many, seeing these trees are a culmination of a long dream. There’s more things to so on Socotra of course. The island possess some of the world’s most spectacular and untouched beaches. The local population are incredibly warm and welcoming towards visitors. The island has also not experienced the same levels of unrest as has been seen on the Yemeni mainland. It lies closer to the horn of Africa than to the Arabian peninsula.

Now is the time to travel to Socotra. Get in touch and we can arrange it all, from your flight from Cairo to Socotra to your week long excursion in guesthouses and campsites with expert local guides. We’ll also arrange the Socotra visa – separate from a Yemeni visa which grants you complete access to the island. We have group tours available all year round. If the dates don’t fit then we can also arrange a private tour for any week of the year. Email today. Rocky Road Travel, your experts on Socotra Yemen Travel!