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2021 / 2022

Unlike anywhere else on earth. Socotra has to be seen to be believed. We run both scheduled tours and private tours to Socotra every week from September to May.

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Socotra has a total population of around 70,000 people who speak their own native Socotri language. Apart from the main town of Hadiboh, little infrastructure exists on the island. The island is so remote that one third of its plant life can only be found there. Socotra is a remarkable place for camping, walking, hiking, wildlife spotting & cultural immersion. It’s for anyone who wants to experience a natural world like no other.

We have three scheduled and confirmed group tours per year in February, April & October.

Dates don’t work? No worries, check out our sample itinerary below, get in touch and we’ll give you a quote for a private Socotra tour on your preferred dates.

Abu Dhabi - Socotra - Abu Dhabi.

See our group Socotra tour itineraries below. Get in touch for an private tour quote. Private tours depart weekly every Monday.

We will apply for your Socotra visa and send it to you before tour. The visa fee is $150 extra.

COVID-19 Update

All tours are open for bookings. Travel to Socotra is now possible with a negative PCR test. Flights depart from Abu Dhabi. Subscribe to our newsletter below to be updated with any changes. (Sept 4th, 2021)

Group Tours

socotra island Tour

Itinerary Autumn 2021

See all of Socotra Island’s essentials in one action packed week!

Socotra tour

Itinerary Spring 2022

The perfect time of year to travel to Socotra. It’s the week long action packed tour from Dubai!

Socotra tour

Itinerary Easter 2022

We can’t think of a better place to spend your Easter week!

Create your own Socotra Tour
Day 1 - Dubai/Abu Dhabi - Hadibo - Delisha Beach
  • Our Socotra tour begins in the hub of Dubai where we then transfer to AUH airport.
  • Board the 10am flight to Socotra.
  • 11am arrival in Habido, Socotra. We’ll be greeted by our local Socotri guide who will accompany us for the trip.
  • Swimming at Delisha Beach. A beautiful white beach and lagoon.
  • Enjoy the magnificent sunset from the sand dunes as we watch the different ships pass by.
  • Dinner and overnight at the Arabian Sea hotel
Day 2 - Homhil National Park | Arher
  • After breakfast we’ll head to Homhil National Park. The Park is famous for its supply of the famous Dragon blood trees. These can only be found on Socotra. The bottle tree and cucumber plant can also be found here. After walking for an hour or so, we’ll reach an incredible crystal-clear pool complete with views over the whole southern part of the island.
  • Lunch.
  • Those feeling adventurous can descend the mountain by foot. Others can walk back to the jeep and be driven down to the beach.
  • Drive to Arher.
  • This is the point where freshwater and saltwater meet creating a natural phenomenon. The area is surrounded by giant dunes.
  • You are free to walk around the area on your own. Those capable can climb the 300m-high sand dune!
  • Dinner and overnight in Arher.
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Day 3 - Arher | Hoq’s Cave | Raw Ersil | Dihamri Marine Protected Area
  • After waking up next to the ocean you can choose between 2 morning activities:
  • A hike to Hoq’s Cave (4 hours).  OR:
  • Drive to Raw Erisel, the meeting point of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.
  • Drive to Dihamri Marine Protected Area.
  • Scuba diving and snorkelling are available here (extra cost) or you can also join the local fishermen for a sea trip!
  • We’ll bring back our catch of the day for dinner in Dihamri. .
  • Overnight in the Dihamri Protected Area.

Day 4 - Dixsam

  • Drive to the Dixsam Plateau. This is the most famous area for Dragon Blood trees.
  • Stop for photos at Shehahon’s viewpoint.
  • Lunch in the village of Dixsam. Here we’ll meet the head of the village who will tell us more about of the people living on Socotra Island.
  • Stop at Wadi Derhur for a walk. 
  • Hike through the beginning of Fermahin – a forest of Dragon Blood trees.
  • Tonight we’ll mingle with the locals for dinner and tea at a village
  • Dinner and overnight at a homestay.

Day 5 - Zahek & Hayf | Dagub | Amak

  • After breakfast we’ll walk through the village accompanied by our new friends.
  • Drive towards the South coast at Nogud.
  • Explore the big sand dunes at Amak Beach where you can swim in the sea.
  • Visit the cave of Dagub.
  • Lunch at the cave or at Amak Beach.
  • Dinner and overnight in Dixsam, surrounded by Dragon Blood trees!

Day 6 - Qalansiya | Shuaab

  • Early morning drive to Qalansiya, the second largest town on the island.
  • We’ll take a boat trip to Shuaab, passing by stunning rock formations and plenty of native birdlife.
  • Relax at the most beautiful beach on the island. Picnic lunch on the beach.
  • Drive onto Detwah Lagoon.
  • Here we’ll make camp and you can walk around the huge lagoon.
  • Camping at Detwah Eco-campsite.
Day 7 - Hadibo
  • Return to Hadibo.
  • City tour of Hadibo and learn more about life in Yemen.
  • Our first stop will be the women’s market.
  • Next up it’s the fish market. This place gets very lively and we can join in on an auction!
  • We’ll then head to the khat market; Yemeni’s are one of the biggest Khat users in the world.
  • We will stop by the door makers; these artists have been making ornate doors for centuries.
  • We finish our day trip popping by a local school where we meet students, teachers, and give a quick english class.
  • Tonight is our last night in paradise, so it’s one last big feast!
  • Overnight in our hotel in Hadibo.
Day 8 - Habido – Abu Dhabi/Dubai
  • Free time to explore before we catch our 14:00 flight to Dubai.
  • Arrival at approx 17:30 local time.
  • End of Socotra tour.
What else?
  • Accommodation

    Single tent camping and guesthouse on Socotra.

  • Guides

    Both an expert local guide and western tour leader.

  • Transport

    All transport to complete the itinerary.

  • Food

    All meals are included in Socotra.

  • Activities

    All activities & entrance fees unless otherwise stated.

  • All Fights

    Flights to and from Socotra (approx $900)

  • Single supplement

    2 nights - €80

  • Visa Fee


  • Tips

    Tip are expected for your Iraqi Socotra guides and driver.

  • Travel Insurance

    A must for this trip.

Socotra Tours - FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers for our tours to Socotra.

Socotra is and has always been conflict free. The civil war never came close to the island. Socotra is very autonomous from the rest of Yemen.

Socotra experiences a cyclone season that makes conditions quite difficult from June to September. The best time to visit Socotra is from October to May.

Depending on the season and political circumstances, there are two flight options. Yemenia’s once per week flight travels from Cairo to Seiyun, a remote city in mainland Yemen, and continues onto Socotra, before flying back on the reverse journey. This basically means that one can spend one or two weeks in Socotra.

It is not possible for foreigners (non-Arabs) to travel overland from Oman to Seiyun and catch the domestic flight from Seiyun to Socotra.

Another flight option is the Air Arabia direct route from Abu Dhabi.

USD cash is king on the island. You can change it on the black market to Yemani Rial once in Hadibo. 

There are no ATMs on the island and credit cards are not accepted anywhere.

Group size will be no more than 10 travelers.

Mostly camping! The only guesthouses are in Hadibo town. Around the island we will mostly be camping in the wild. Some camps will have no shower or toilet, just you and mother nature – so be prepared!

Our advice is to bring an external battery pack – preferably solar powered. Sometimes there will be a generator at the camp and sometimes not. You can also charge devices in the car while driving.

Not at all! We can cater to all diets on the island.

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