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Socotra Island Tours

2023 / 2024

Unlike anywhere else on earth. Socotra has to be seen to be believed. We run both scheduled tours and private tours to Socotra every week from September to May.

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Socotra has a total population of around 60,000 people who speak their own native Socotri language. Apart from the main town of Hadiboh, little infrastructure exists on the island. The island is so remote that one third of its plant life can only be found there. Socotra is a remarkable place for camping, walking, hiking, wildlife spotting & cultural immersion. It’s for anyone who wants to experience a natural world like no other.

We now have seven scheduled and confirmed group tours per year in February, March, April, October, November & December. All groups are capped at 10 people.

Dates don’t work? No worries, check out our sample itinerary below, get in touch and we’ll give you a quote for a private Socotra tour on your preferred dates.

Covid - 19 Update

All tours are operating as normal with no restrictions in place.


Abu Dhabi - Socotra - Abu Dhabi.


See our group Socotra tour itineraries below. Get in touch for a private tour quote. Private tours depart weekly every Tuesday.

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With just a scan of your passport, we will apply for the Socotra visa on your behalf. The visa fee is $100 USD extra.

Socotra Visa Approval Rate
Our Socotra visa applications have a 100% approval record.