Socotra Island Tour

Rocky Road Travel offers one of the most exciting Socotra Island Tours on the market. We were of the first Socotra travel companies offering tours to the island once regular flights began operation, and as such, we have an amazing relationship with our partners on the ground, which all of our customers will benefit from. 

Until these flights to Socotra came to pass, travel to Socotra was almost entirely impossible and the island was shut off from the outside world, save from a weekly cargo ship carrying goods from mainland Yemen. The island actually formed 780 and 600 million years ago, completely seperately from the rest of the region.  

This almost total geographical and political isolation has created a place quite literally like nowhere else on earth. Over 30% of plant life on the island can only be found on Socotra, earning it the moniker “Galápagos of the Indian Ocean”. Despite being a Yemeni territory, the island, located 340 kilometres southeast of the mainland, is luckily unaffected by the political situation there, making tours to Socotra completely safe. 

Truly one one of the world’s least visited and untouched gems, Socotra island tours are like nothing else you will experience. Come see it for yourself with Rocky Road Travel in October. Contact us today with your query or call us on +49 15114575768 to book your place on this once-in-a-lifetime tour.

Seen on a Socotra tour