Pyongyang Tourism

The capital city of North Korea has a huge amount to offer. It’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to Pyongyang tourism. There’s an abundance of monuments, revolutionary sites, leisure sites and places of natural beauty waiting to be discovered by the outside world. It’s no wonder that Pyongyang takes center stage on any tour of North Korea.

Travel to North Korea

Pyongyang is famous for a number of reasons, perhaps none other than the multitude of monuments the city has to offer. There’s the Juche tower, the Party Foundation Monument, the Arch of Triumph, The Mansudae Grand monument to name a few. Then there’s the incredible and unique architecture only found in Pyongyang. Take for example the stunning Ryugyong Hotel which dominates the skyline. The Grand People’s Study House and state theater are wonderful examples of Korean style architecture, brought to life in Pyongyang.

The city also boasts wonderful open areas and places of leisure for locals to enjoy. The main Moran Hill park sits in the centre of the city and acts as its green lung. There are also plenty of theme parks, funfairs, bowling alleys and water parks for locals and tourists to unwind at. More are more quality bars, cafes and restaurants are also opening up all the time.

It’s currently a period of renovation for Pyongyang tourism as a whole. Many foreigner hotels are going through much needed upgrades. The Yanggakdo, Koryo and Sosan hotels have all received a face-lift in recent years. Now’s the time to visit Pyongyang while it goes through a mini-boom. See it before it changes for good! Visit Pyongyang with Rocky Road Travel on all of our North Korea tours. Contact us via any time. See you in Pyongyang!