Pyongyang Marathon Tours

The Race of Your Life

The most unique marathon in the world doesn’t need much of a introduction. The “Mangyondae Prize International Marathon” first opened to foreign amateur runners in 2014. Since then, thousands have travelled to North Korea to compete & join one of the Pyongyang Marathon tours on offer.

50,000 locals send you off in Kim Il Sung stadium and thousands more line the streets to urge you to the finish line. There’s no other amateur event that comes close to this.

You can choose to run the 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or Full Marathon. The race is an International Associations of Athletic Federations (IAAF) official Bronze Label road race.

The race is officially open to differently abled athletes, such as those using wheelchairs or visually impaired runners. If you have any special requirements, feel free to contact us for more information.


The race starts and finishes in Pyongyang’s Kim Il Sung Stadium. 


The main marathon is schedules to take place on Sunday 11th April 2021.


A smaller Autumn race will be held in September 2021.


We will apply for your visa on your behalf. You collect it from us pre-tour in China. It’s that simple – no need to surrender your passport at any point. 


We will also supply you an invitation letter for your Chinese visa application.

How Much?

On top of your tour price the marathon entry fees are as follows;


Full Marathon (42km/26 miles) – entry fee is €135

Half Marathon (20km/12 miles) – entry fee is €90

Mini Marathon (10km/6 miles) – entry fee is €65

5KM run (5km/3 miles) – entry fee is €65

Tour Itineraries

pyongyang marathon Tour

Itinerary Spring 2021

The race of a lifetime with optional Group B with the President’s birthday celebrations!

Pyongyang Marathon tours - FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers for the Pyongyang Marathon.

You must travel with a licensed North Korea tour operator.

When you sign up for a Pyongyang marathon tour with Rocky Road Travel, we will register you for the race.

The race is open for the following distances:

Full Marathon (42km/26 miles) – entry fee is €135

Half Marathon (20km/12 miles) – entry fee is €90

Mini Marathon (10km/6 miles) – entry fee is €65

5KM run (5km/3 miles) – entry fee is €65

As part of your race fee you will receive a bib, a timing chip and a finishers medal.

Full Marathon – 4.5 hours
Half Marathon – 2.5 hours
5 km & 10 km – 2 hours

These time limits are subject to change. Normally you must finish within 4 hours to finish inside the stadium.

Absolutely! The event is open to all competitors. Get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through it.

Generally our tour group is about 15-20.

There will be up to 1,000 people competing in the marathon, the majority are local athletes. 

Yes! You can run with your phone and use it to take photos or listen to music. Go pros are also fine to bring.

No. You can sit in the stands and cheer on with the locals. There will also be football matches ongoing in the stadium.

If you don’t feel like running then we recommend you choose the 5k option and walk the streets of Pyongyang!

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