What's It All About?

Just like the name suggests, This is our only North Korea bicycle tour!

For two of our five day tour, we will keep our tour bus parked up as we hit the road with our locally made North Korean bicycles!

This is the best opportunity to see the city like no foreigner before and it’s a great chance to enjoy the perfect weather during this season.

Our one of a kind North Korea bicycle tour will kick off with a day trip down to the DMZ (by bus..!). The following day we’ll visit Kumsusan Palace of the Sun where Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il lay in state. We’ll do a quick tour of the Pyongyang Metro and then we’ll collect our bicycles and say goodbye to our bus.

From here on we’ll do the remaining city tour pushing ourselves through the capital as a group. We’ll visit locations such as the Korean War Museum, Kim Il Sung Square, Juche Tower, a shooting range and much more. We’ll conclude our cycling tour by having a dip at the new water park.

This is not a serious cycling tour that requires you to wear a helmet or cycling shorts-  it’s a casual city spin as we make our way around Pyongyang!

Trip Highlights

  • Pyongyang Metro

    Ride the iconic Pyongyang underground system.

  • Grand Monument

    Pay your respects at the Mansudae Grand Monument - the two large bronze statues of the leaders.

  • Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

    See the place where both President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il lie in state.

  • See the DMZ

    Visit the DMZ and see the blue huts on the demarcation line between North and South Korea.

  • Visit Sariwon

    Visit the lesser seen North Korean city of Sariwon.