Private North Korea Tours

Travel to North Korea independently! Did you know that it was possible to make one of many private North Korea tours? You have the ability to design your own tour from one day to 30 day options, choose your own itinerary and see and do that you want to do. So what is there to see and do on a private tour?

North Korea is opening up slowly but surely. It is now possible to travel to many different regions that were never possible before. A typical tour takes in Pyongyang and the DMZ. If you want to think outside the box and visit parts of North Korea that foreigners rarely see then choose a private tour option.

Begin in the capital of Pyongyang then travel to the East coast and the city of Wonsan. The beach resort town has much to offer. Head further north to the second largest city in the DPRK – Hamhung. This newly opened industrial city offers a unique glimpse into life outside the well to do capital of Pyongyang.

Other cities open to tourists are Sariwon, Pyongsong, Sinuiju, Kaesong and the mountainous tourist region of Kumgangsan. A whole other region in the North East is also waiting to be discovered – North Hamgyong Province. Travel to North Hamgyong by crossing the border from China by foot. This is an experience like no other. Very few westerners travel to this part of North Korea each year. It’s way off the beaten track.

If our North Korea Tour dates don’t fit then consider a private North Korea tour. You can travel by train or flight on any date you wish and plan you whole itinerary by yourself (with our help of course). Contact us today and we’ll send you some sample itineraries. Call us on +4915114575768 or