Rocky Road Travel

Go Beyond

Rocky Road Travel is a Berlin based travel company that provides a gateway to some of the world’s least visited and misunderstood countries

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Our mission is to open the curtain and shed light on some of the world’s most stigmatized places. 

Our tours are small groups that start and finish in the same country and are always run by a local and western English speaking guides. All itineraries are designed with safety as a priority as well as an emphasis on genuine local interaction. We place every client directly in the hands of our local experts.

Shane Horan, founder of Rocky Road Travel receiving the pin of North Korean leaders

Irish born Shane has over 10 years experience in the travel industry and has specialized in lesser visited destinations for half of that time. He holds an MA in International Relations with a focus on so-called “rogue states”. He has led tours into North Korea over 50 times gaining incredible access to the country over that time. He is also a widely published photographer and blogger.  

“Rocky Road was created for the purpose of going beyond the rhetoric and showing others the true picture. I can’t wait to show you the different side of these countries I have experienced and fallen in love with dozens of times.”

Shane Horan

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