Northern Pakistan Tours

Are you planning a visit to Northern Pakistan and the Karakoram highway? Then look no further than Rocky Road Travel’s Northern Pakistan tours. We run scheduled group tours at least twice per year from Punjab to Hunza and back.

Our tours start in Lahore and explore this bustling metropolis in full. From the street dentists and incredible architecture to the vibrant street markets. Lahore has much to offer. Next we visit the nation’s capital city of Islamabad. Twined with the city of Rawalpindi it makes for a great base to spread out along the Karakoram Highway. From here it’s a two day drive up the engineering feat that is the Karakoram highway to the town of Kariminbad in the Hunza Valley.

Northern Pakistan is steeped in natural beauty and welcoming locals. It’s a place of solitude which deserves a lot more visitor than it gets. Past the town of Kariminbad you eventually reach Sost and the Chinese border. Our Northern Pakistan tours will take you all the way and further across the border into China. If you’re feeling even more adventurous continue to Xinjiang and across to the Pamir Highway!

For further info on travelling the Karakoram highway contact us here or email today. We look forward to seeing you in Pakistan!