North Korea Tours from Russia

Did you know that you can now travel to North Korea from Russia? There are two gateways which we use to run our North Korea tours from Russia every year. The first is with the North Korean national airline Air Koryo by flight from Vladivostok. The flight departs twice a week directly to the North Korean capital. The flight can also be used if you want to take a private North Korean independent tour from Russia. Book through us as a licensed Air Koryo booking agent.

Train from Russia to North Korea

Perhaps the finest and most unique way to travel to North Korea from Russia is by the international train. Not much is known about this train as the schedule changes frequently. Luckily our contacts in Russia and North Korea update us frequently and we know exactly when it is due to cross the border. This only happens about once a month so it’s a rare privilege to be able to take this train. It crosses the border at Tumangang and snakes its way across Rason and North Hamgyong province before arriving in Pyongyang. The train passes through North Korean countryside that you would otherwise never see.

Did you also know that we even offer a train tour all the way from Berlin to Pyongyang? This epic adventure takes you across Germany, Belarus, Russia before crossing the border into North Korea. It’s truly one of its kind and definitely the finest train journey in the world. Email us for more information & booking details today. So sit back, relax and allow us to take you on one of our North Korea tours from Russia!