North Korea Tours From Beijing

If you’re in China looking for a North Korea trip then look no further than Rocky Road Travel. Our North Korea Tours from Beijing will take you all the way from the Chinese capital to Pyongyang and back again. We have 3 – 30 day options. Our group tours depart all year round and we cater to private visits also. There’s no itinerary we can’t create!

Travel to North Korea

There’s nowhere else on the planet quite like North Korea. Cut off from the rest of the world, the country needs to be seen to be believed. By far the easiest way to travel to North Korea is via China. Beijing serves as the gateway to North Korea. Most flights and trains depart from here daily. Once in Beijing, your Rocky Road Travel guide will take care of the rest . You will be handed your North Korea visa and train ticket. Then it’s just an overnight hop via Dandong into North Korea. This is where your North Korea tour really begins.

Experience the magnificence of Pyongyang, the incredible coastline at Wonsan and learn about the divided history of the Korean peninsula at Kaesong. You can travel to more places than ever before and take as any photos as you wish. The locals are welcoming and the North Korean guides soon become your friends. It’s an experience like no other and one that you soon won’t forget!

Visit North Korea with Rocky Road Travel, group tour dates don’t work? Contact us for a private tour quote or call us on +4915114575768 today!