North Korea Tourist Card

How do you travel to North Korea? All tourists must be on an organised group tour. With Rocky Road Travel we organise everything in advance, including applying for the North Korea Tourist Card. The card acts as your North Korean visa. Travellers receive the card and it is separate from your passport. No evidence of travel to North Korea goes into your passport and Immigration will stamp the tourist card and not your passport.

North Korea Visa

You can only get the tourist card if you are registered on a North Korea tour. After the trip, immigration will take the card from you. Unfortunately it’s not possible to keep it as a souvenir! If you want a North Korean visa in your passport then you will need to apply at a North Korean embassy in your home country. We will also help you arrange this by sending your paperwork to Pyongyang who will then notify the embassy of the application. Once approved we will inform you and then all you have to do is call into the embassy to collect it.

After you receive the tourist card then you’re on your way to North Korea. Make sure to take plenty of pictures of it because you’ll never see it again! Check out our many North Korea tour options and contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!