North Korea Tourism

Travel to North Korea is unlike any other country in the world. All tourists are guided by two Korean tour guides, and typically also a Rocky Road guide. What you can see and do is, of course, quite restricted. But, that’s part of the beast. North Korea tourism still has a lot to offer curious minds. Rocky Road Travel is one of the most reliable and experienced North Korea Tour Operators, with dozens of successful trips under our belt over almost a decade. 

A common misconception is that tourists can only see the showcase capital city of Pyongyang. In reality, one can travel to almost all provinces of the DPRK. Hidden gems are waiting to be discovered in each of them, including staggering, untouched nature and vivid culture. 

Travel to the North East and visit North Hamgyong province where there is a different side to North Korea. Tourists can even stay in a coastal homestay village. The Mount Chilbo national park is the real highlight here. In general the region is way off the beaten track, even for North Korea. Locals are much less used to seeing westerners here.

In the south East corner of the country you have another special national park area – Mount Kumgang. This is renowned for being one of the very best things to do in North Korea. Famous throughout the entire Korean peninsula, it was even possible for South Korean tourists to travel here once upon a time. Nowadays, it gets little to no tourism.

Other places of interest include Sariwon and Hamhung cities, the beach resort of Wonsan and the west coast port city of Nampo. Choose what to see and do on one of our North Korea Independent tours. The itinerary is entirely up to you. Choose one night or 30 and design your very own North Korea tour.

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