North Korea Tour Cost

How much does it actually cost to take a tour to North Korea? Luckily it’s not as expensive as you think and prices are always all inclusive. We guide you through the different options available and give a broad definition of a general North Korea tour cost.

All Inclusive costs

A standard North Korea tour package will include all transport to and from China as well as all transport in North Korea. All meals and accommodation are also included so there are very little extras. The DPRK visa will cost €50 on top. A typical 4 night tour with Rocky Road Travel will cost approx €1050 all inclusive.

This gets you 4 nights in a 4 star hotel in Pyongyang. Return overnight sleeper trains from Beijing to Pyongyang, a tour bus with 2 North Korean guides and 1 Rocky Road western guide. Three huge meals with drinks per day are included as well as all the entrance fees of attractions that we visit on tour.

The only other expenditures on tours are tips for the local guides, extra drinks and any souvenirs you wish to purchase. Prices for these can range from €1 for a pin to €50 for a hand made poster or painting.

In general travel to North Korea is very affordable when you take into account what you get for your money. Start planning your tour with Rocky Road Travel now. We offer tours 365 days per year to all regions of the DPRK. Give us a call on +4915114575768 or contact us here.

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