North Korea Tour Company

Experience a place unlike any other, with Rocky Road Travel. You can head to a country with a culture truly different from your own. Be part of an exciting, fulfilling experience that will teach you much of the incredible history, and fascinating present of North Korea. We are proud to have over 10 years of experience traveling to North Korea. 

Not many companies can call themselves a North Korea Tour Company. You’ll be able to tailor your holiday to what you desire, being able to choose from a predetermined path as part of a larger group or take part in an independent tour where you can choose what you see and where you go.

When you’re on the tour, you’ll be accompanied by two Korean guides, there to ensure safety and to hand out information when you desire it, without getting in the way of your experience. You’ll also receive your own driver and vehicle, we’ll handle your visa and give you what you need during the pre-tour in China, enabling you to have the ultimate liberty.

Not just are you getting to visit a country that most consider quite difficult (or impossible) to get into, but you’ll be safe, comfortable and enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To find out more about what it is we do and the tour experiences we have on offer, contact us, either by sending an email to or by giving us a ring on +4915114575768

Tour guides and our website support staff are available in several languages.