North Korea Photo Tours

Come with us as we open the curtain. Our signature product – the world’s only dedicated tiny group North Korea Photography Tours.

Small Group

We cap our groups at 7 people for added flexibility

Premium Hotels

We don't use budget hotels.

Extra Access

Tours led by Rocky Road travel founder Shane

The Conception

Rocky Road Travel have been specialising in North Korea photo tours since 2014. As the only major North Korean travel company to offer dedicated photography tours, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver these small group and high access tours.

Whilst North Korea is far from a “mass tourism” destination, tours to the country can often be in groups of up to 30 people all visiting the same sites at the same time. We created the photo tours to get away from this cookie-cutter model and focus on a more flexible and sustainable approach

All photography tours are designed & led by Rocky Road Travel founder Shane Horan.


Not only will you tour Pyongyang in our small minivan but will get out of the city to small towns and regional cities like Nampo, Kaesong, Wonsan, 1 and Sinuiju.

Our small group vehicle means that we can have more flexibility in navigating some of the roads that tourist buses are usually prohibited from travelling on.


We run these North Korea photo tours in the Spring and Summer every year.


We will apply for your visa on your behalf. You collect it from us pre-tour in China. It’s that simple – no need to surrender your passport at any point. 

We will also supply you an invitation letter for your Chinese visa application.

How Much?

The tours are priced at €2,090 + North Korea visa €50. 

How do they work?

Here is why these tours stand out above any other North Korea tour;

  • Small group of only 7 participants (normally 25). 
  • More flexibility and time spent at each location. We take as long as we need at each site in order to get the shot you want.
  • Stay at the iconic & premium Yanggakdo International Hotel in Pyongyang. From here we can capture sweeping panoramas of Pyongyang.
  • Led by published photographer and Rocky Road travel founder Shane. His experience, trust and access within the Korea International Travel Company (our partners in Pyongyang) is unparalleled. He has also led over 50 tours to North Korea and will ensure a smooth and memorable trip. 
  • Travel in a small minivan. Shoot out of the windows as we drive along and take roads that larger tourist buses cannot travel on.
  • Visit smaller unknown places in North Korea which can be too sensitive for larger groups to visit.

Tour Itineraries

North Korea Photography Tour

Itinerary Summer 2021

Centered around the Victory Day celebrations of July 27th – this tour is designed to get you the perfect shots behind the scenes.

North Korea travel

Itinerary Spring 2022

Our signature tour. There’s no other trip like it – designed and led by Rocky Road Travel founder, Shane.

North Korea Photography Tour

Itinerary Summer 2022

Our smallest ever group tour. We’ll travel from Pyongyang to both coasts and back again. 

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