North Korea Independent Tours

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Where can I go?

If our group tour dates don’t fit, we can organise your very own North Korea independent tour tailor made around what you want to see and do. The tour can be for one person or 100!

Our North Korea independent tours are perfect for solo travellers, families, couples, friends, or for people who simply can’t find the group dates to match. You can choose between budget, standard and deluxe price ranges.

We have staff in China that are able to meet you, assist you, answer your questions and ensure you have a great trip before your tour starts. If you’d like to visit North Korea with this fantastic option, please read on and get in touch today!


We are one of the only companies to service the whole of North Korea. Simply let us know where you want to visit and we can make it happen within reason.

Unsure of where to go? Check out our Map above & Sample Itinerary below


You can travel to North Korea 365 days a year. Weather wise the best months are April – June and September – October.

Major holidays in the calendar are:

  • February 16 – Birthday of Leader Kim Jong Il 
  • April 15 – Birthday of President Kim Il Sung
  • May 1 – International Workers Day
  • July 27 – Victory Day
  • August 15 – Liberation Day
  • October 10 – Party Foundation Day


We will apply for your visa on your behalf. You collect it from us pre-tour in China. It’s that simple – no need to surrender your passport at any point. 

On tour you will be accompanied by two Korean guides and you will have your own driver and vehicle. 

How Much?

For a full pricing guideline click here.

As an example the 6 day itinerary listed below is €1,180 based on 2 people sharing.

Sample Itinerary

Beijing – Dandong – Pyongyang – Kaesong – Pyongyang – Beijing.

Day 1 - Beijing 

  • Greet our staff member at a hotel of your choice in Beijing. During this meeting, we’ll go through the tour’s itinerary & you’ll receive the North Korean visas and train tickets. This is also a chance to ask any final questions 

  • Make your way to Beijing Central station for the 5:25pm departure to Pyongyang. The train is a 6 berth sleeper complete with full bedding and dining car.

DAY 2 - Dandong & Pyongyang

  • The train arrives in Dandong at 7:00am. Here you will disembark the train for two hours. This will allow you time to grab some breakfast and complete Chinese border control. The train to Pyongyang will then depart at 10:00am. Arrive on the Korean side 5 minutes later for the extensive border checks. 

  • Depart again from Sinuiju to Pyongyang. Enjoy a North Korean lunch on the train (extra cost) Sit back and enjoy the scenery.

  • Arrive into Pyongyang railway station at 6pm. Your Korean guides will be waiting on the platform to bring you to the hotel

  • Check-in followed by dinner and welcome drinks
  • Overnight in the Sosan Hotel

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DAY 3 - Pyongyang

  • Stroll through Mansudae fountain park taking in the Grand Peoples Study House and see the mosaic pictures of the leaders. Visit Mansudae Grand Monument – the two large bronze statues of President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il. Presentation of flowers (extra charge €5)

  • Lunch at a Korean Hot Pot Restaurant followed by – the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum. This incredible museum features dioramas, captured weapons, the Victory Monument, and the USS Pueblo: the only American military vessel captured by another nation. Juche Tower – the tallest stone tower in the world, it represents the Juche Ideology. Central to the teachings of the DPRK(optional extra €5 to go to the top). Monument to the Party Foundation – The hammer sickle and brush built in 1995.

  • Ride the Pyongyang Metro! See three of the stations and exit to the Arch of Triumph- This celebrates the victory over the Japanese and the triumphant return of  Kim Il Sung to his home town.

  • Visit a beer bar followed by Dinner and overnight in the Sosan Hotel

DAY 4 - Kaesong & the DMZ

  • Hit the road for the 3.5 hour drive to Kaesong and the DMZ

  • No trip to North Korea is complete without seeing the DMZ – tour Panmunjom with a friendly army officer who will give you the look around. You can even take photos with the army here!

  • Koryo Museum – Korea’s first university and now a UNESCO museum of history and culture. Afterwards have lunch in Kaesong City – on the menu will be traditional Korean Pansangi, a series of dishes served in bronze bowls. (Optional extras- Dog Soup €5)

  • Stop by Sariwon to view the city from the mountain top pagoda and try the locally brewed “makkoli” rice-wine. Drive back to Pyongyang and stop by the Monument to the Three Charters of National Reunification that stands over the Thongil (reunification) Highway.

  • Dinner at the duck BBQ restaurant and overnight in the Sosan hotel.

DAY 5 - Pyongyang

  • Kumsusan Palace of the Sun – This is where the Leader’s Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il lay in state.

  • Grand People’s Study House. This is the main library and learning center for adult students. This huge building is built in the Korean style and affords a great view over Kim Il Sung Square. Visit Mansudae Art Studio, This is where the country’s most important art work and statues are created. We will also get to meet some of the local artists too.

  • Lunch followed by optional visits to Munsu Water Park, the bowling alley, the park and lots of other recreational places. Perfect for mingling with local North Koreans! Stop by Kwanbok department store. Here we can shop with the locals and have access to the local North Korean currency! Afterwards have dinner on Kwangbok street.

  • Overnight in the Sosan Hotel

DAY 6 - Back to China

  • Depart from the hotel to the train station for the 10am train back to China. Arrival in Dandong at 16.30 local time. The overnight train to Beijing departs at 18.30 and arrive in Beijing at 08.30 the next morning.

**This is an example of a 4 night tour for 2 people. All North Korea Independent tours are highly flexible and customisable depending on your interests. The cost of this tour is €185 x 4 nights = €740 + visa €60 + return train from Beijing €380 = €1,180